About TechX

Sourced helps the largest, most security-conscious enterprises, migrate and manage their cloud infrastructure at scale.


About Us

TechX was founded in 2020 on the belief that going digitally is the only future for local enterprises to go forward in this Fourth Industrial Revolution. This shift is being powered by a new wave of technology that allows companies of all shapes and sizes to be more strategic and efficient. With over 20 years of working in IT industry have given the company’s founders the insights of this digitalized trend and the direction it is headed.

Our customers are those who seriously and maturely believe in the power of digitalization to change and stay competitive but lack the know-how knowledge, expertise and resources to make it happen. At TechX, we dedicate our service to find solutions and help solve problems for our customers, problems that have not been solved before or even before the customers know they existed. We are one with our customers, treating their pain and success as our own.

Our mission, therefore, is very simple: to help customer transform into digitalization successfully.

The founders, who have made their name in the industry, are joined by daring and inspiring team members that are great Solution architects, Data scientists, Engineers, Programmers and Coders ready to tackle the impossible for our customers.


We connect advances in technology to advances in business performance for large enterprises