MSB Bank

Case Studies

The Challenge

  • It is necessary to deploy and go-live all MSB digital banking products in 2020.
  • The requirement is to have a strong platform, high security, fast deployment and easy expansion base on demand.
  • In addition, the process of implementing projects and procedures usually takes too much time, so it is necessary to have a solution to address this concern.


  • TECHX has researched and consulted on the optimal architectural design for Digital Bank on AWS cloud platform.
  • TECHX provides customers with an architecture that addresses all security, high performance, ease of expansion, fast deployment timing, and
  • TECHX plans a detailed implementation on the proposed architecture.


  • We have implemented AWS products such as:

    • Consulting, designing and implementing Landing zone for MSB: By implementing the Multi-Account Landing Zone architecture, based on AWS best practices, TECHX has proposed and implemented a standard & robust platform for MSB on AWS.
    • Smart users management with Amazon Cognito: Amazon Cognito allows you to add registration, login and control user access to websites and mobile applications quickly and easily.
    • Multi-channel communication through Amazon Pinpoint: Understand and interact with your customers by sending them personalized, timely and relevant contact information through multiple channels.
    • Optimize performance with ECS, EKS, RDS, S3, …
    • Enhance security and compliance with KMS, WAF, AWS Config, IPS / IDS, …
    • Ensure safety and high availability when deploying all services with multi AZ model (multiple Available zones) and flexible backup according to the desired scenarios (by session, by day / week / month, according to specific requirements), …


  • A complete architecture is approved for deployment
  • A full roadmap meets both current and future needs
  • Cost savings compared to the original plan > 35%
  • Implementation time is shortened by 40%
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