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Eric Yeo
Eric YeoAWS Country Manager, Vietnam
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"TechX relentless focus & investment in building the AWS skills & certification for the team has been key in supporting our customers in Vietnam. This focus is aligned with AWS Vietnam’s priority in building cloud talents to support our customers and earning trust from them. With a strong focus on skills and good understanding of the customers in Vietnam, we wish TechX continued successes & continue to be customer obsessed”.

- TechX Cloud Summit, 2020
Ngan Tran
Ngan TranHead of Purchasing, Ivy Moda
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"I've become a huge fan of TechX Academy, not least because of the tremendous professionalism that you all bring to your work. I've learned so much and have got so much out of the training. I thank the Coaching Academy for the insight and confidence it gave me to just step out of the box and go that one step further."

-TechX Career Development Seminar, 2020
Son Pham
Son PhamSales Director, HiPT Group
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“TechX support has been instrumental in providing me and my department insight into the areas that would most benefit my AWS Journey. Since we are unable to tackle all skills at once, such intuitive mentorship has been critical in helping going forward, ensuring that we were investing our time and effort in the right areas. With strong technology foundations and a firm grasp of DX knowledge, TechX will be leading the charge post-Covid era.”

-TechX Career Development Seminar, 2020
Mr. Quang DoMarketing manager, DIGI SOLUTION CO.,LTD
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"Responsible, professional and knowledgeable. They had the ability to take our plans and thoughts and rejuvenate them. Utilizing EC2, CloudFront, LoadBalacing Service, TechX group helped us develop a media framework to appropriate our commercial video substance to terminal gadgets by means of web/mobile interface. This solution is steady, autoscaling and cost optimizing. Their team accomplished an incredible work and now I am lighthearted.”
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