Data as a Service Advance Data Analytics

” All revolutions are impossible until they happen, then they become inevitable ” 

Values of Data ​

Enterprise Data Driven Everything​

“All revolutions are impossible till they happen, then they become inevitable.”

Business Mornitoring​
Business Insights​
Business Transformation​

The Key Drivers

Do you have all the insights needed to drive your business?​

Improve Customer Experience/Drive Personalized Customer Journey

Provide Innovative Services to Improve Processes and Costs

Meet Compliance, and Regulatory Requirements on Security & Resilience

Innovate & Accelerate Outcomes and Services via Analytics/AI/ML

Drive Growth – Digital Channels & Insights

TechX’s recommended processes to data-driven transformation

Use cases approach for data-driven transformation

  • Define the vision for organization’s data transformation journey
  • Design a strategy to transform the organization
  • Establish clear and measurable milestones
  • Select a list of use cases and prioritize them in line with organization goals
  • Use top-priority use cases to boost internal capabilities and start laying solid data foundations
  • Design a right platform that gives organizations the ability to store, process and analyze their data at scale
  • Assess data quality, establish a robust data governance with clear accountability for data quality
  • Provide self-service tools to support Data Governance Process
  • Successful data transformations happen when a company follows an approach driven by use cases, promotes new ways of working,
    and mobilizes its whole organization from the beginning

The Barrier to Data Analytics in Vietnam

85% of businesses want to be data driven

37% have been successful

Disparate Data Sources

New types of analysis require complex technology(real-time analytics, AI/ML)

Technical staff & cost to scale are often too high

Limited Insight into Customer Experiences

Too much time spending on Reporting. Too less time spending on Analyzing

Why TechX

Data Analytics as a Services​

What we do​

Data Analytics as a Services​

Data Examine​

Data Examine​

Data Lake Implementation​

Data Lake ​Implementation​

Successfully migrate infrastructure to AWS

Data Warehouse Migration​


Data Warehouse Modernization​

Advanced Analytics​ Customer Segmentation​

Advanced Analytics​ Customer Segmentation​

Advanced Analytics​ Personalize Model

Advanced Analytics​ Personalize Model

Advanced Analytics​ Churn Prediction

Advanced Analytics​ Churn Prediction

Data Governance ​

Data Governance ​

TechX is proud to be a trusted partner of Vietnam top businesses


Advance Data Services

toolkit we use frequently*

(*) Actual tools and services might be varied, customized to the client’s actual needs


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