Amazon Web Services Cost Optimization

Delivered by TechX’s seasoned cloud consultants and technicians, this services helps revising your cloud environments for its efficiency. By cutting-down redundant resources, businesses only pay for workloads that are actually valuable to the operations.

AWS Cost Optimization Services​

Optimizing your spending on AWS workloads​

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Saving on Compute cost

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Lower average spending storage cost

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How Cost Optimization helps your cloud business

Striving for a cost optimized cloud environment

Right Sizing

Right sizing​

Matching your cloud workloads with your actual business demand, including regular business review, configuring systems schedulers and auto-scaling, setting up a wide range of monitoring metrics, etc.

Compute Optimizing

Compute Optimizing​

By choosing the right purchasing options for your workload and deploying suitable instances families, you can save up to 72% your monthly cost on AWS

storage optimizing

Storage Optimizing​

Setting up the right storage plan to keep your data on the cloud: tightly secured, available when you needed and at the lowest cost options.

AWS credit discounts

AWS Credit discounts​​

TechX’s consultants can help your business to enable different promotional programs that provide you with AWS Credits to offset your spending cost

Cost optimization is a continuous work ​

As your cloud system is constantly growing and evolving to keep up with your business demands, cost optimization should be a regularly executed practice. With detail monitoring metrics, business owners can easily keep an eye on the impacts of remedy actions that were taken.

The length of each review cycle should depend on your own pace of deploying new workloads onto your cloud environments.

Cost Opti Journey


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