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Sourced helps the largest, most security-conscious enterprises, migrate and manage their cloud infrastructure at scale.

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Why work at TechX ?

TechX is recognized by major organizations around the world as a very innovative company in terms of business models and products; is the only partner for data analysis in Vietnam market, moving the traditional system of banks to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Team Culture

Team culture is the most core value that needs to be built by the clarity of responsibilities as well as the work that each member must be able to perform.

Techx's Achievements

Became AWS Advance Consulting Partner in less than 1 year since its establishment, TechX has been leveraging AWS advance cloud services and technology to provide tailored cloud transformation solutions our customers

Company Values

We are very proud of our team and are protective of the culture that we continue to build. We believe that everyone brings something to the table and encourage transparency and candour. With a room full of technical gurus, it’s important that we ensure everyone has a voice and is respected.


We are on the cutting edge of technology and we think outside of the box to create outcome driven solutions.


We don’t cut corners. If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing right.


We have the fortitude to do the right thing, respectfully standing up for what we believe to be right.


Everyone has the capacity to teach us something. Teamwork and collaboration are what drive the group.


Customer centricity is in our DNA. Ensuring we only win when the customer wins is how we are successful.


We only have one Planet Earth. We need to be mindful and lead by example.

We connect advances in technology to advances in business performance for large enterprises


With valuable industry-level insights combined with domain-specific knowledge for operational excellence and advanced cloud technology expertise, TechX’s offering is not simply a solution, but rather the complete cloud transformation strategies that bridge the gap between customers’ current business situation and their future goals. This co-creation approach ensures that the provided cloud services and solutions are fully customized to each business stream, using the most up-to-date industry best practices.

General Accounting

Along with the development of the company, we are looking for a General Accountant with the task of ensuring the organization and operation of the company's accounting system.


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